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In the last dream post, I asked to you to write down your dream in as much detail as you could. Not just the high points, but the details as well- the sensations, the feelings, the little things you notice that seem to be incidental to the dream.

I want you, in short, to write the story of your dream…

Once you’ve got that story down, we’re going to look for the real story hiding behind the story you dreamed.

Go get yourself a high-lighter, a colored marker, or any other way of emphasizing words that suits your fancy.

Now we’re going to go through your dream and mark any aspects of the dream that jump out at you. (Please note that I’m not saying “each aspect that seems important”. Sometimes, key information is passed by something that seems unimportant/peripheral but jumps out at you anyway…)

For example:

In a dream where-

 a bear was chasing you through the woods. You’re running hard, frightened, exhausted. You see a house and run towards it. As you reach the front door, you see a chipmunk. You run through the door and find yourself falling through space…

When you look at this dream, you might find that bear, running, exhausted, chipmunk, door  and falling were what seemed to jump out at you (Your results may vary. You might find totally different things were what seemed key).

Most dreams tell some kind of story. This first story is the matrix that holds together the clues that lead to the real information you’re being given- the real story.

Please note that you’re not just marking nouns. Verbs, adjectives or any other word that pops up in your description may be important.

Mark each word that jumps out at you. We’re going to tackle them individually, but first you have to identify them.

Once you’ve got these key concepts identified and marked, we’re ready to interpret your dream.

But that’s coming in the next dream post…






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