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 Last time I gave you my opinion of what 2012 wasn’t .

This time I’m going to start relating what 2012 is and how it will affect us, the human race, and the planet we’re riding on. 
 OK, let’s start with the basic astrophysics of it. On Dec.21,2012 the Earth and its sister planets will come into alignment with the Galactic center.  A full allignment happens only about every 26,000 years and signifies the movement of the Sun from one astrological sign to another. In this case it will enter the sign of Aquarius.

More next time,






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On Thanksgiving, what better to talk about than giving thanks- how focusing our minds on our blessings and experiencing the attitude of gratitude can manifest good things in our lives?

As some of you know, I’m really interested in the magick of manifestation. I’ve read “the Secret”, followed Mike Dooley’s philosophy of “Thoughts become Things.”, toured the Law of Attraction with Abraham and the Hickses, and experimented with Cosmic Ordering, just to name a few things.

And one thing that all sources on manifestation agree on is that one of the best things to empower any kind of manifestation is a consistent attitude of gratitude for what you already have.

No, really.

You see, metaphysically, like calls to like. It’s like going to a party where the intellectuals all hang out in one corner, and the party girls in another, and the athletic types in a third.

Like calls to like. If you’re thinking about the good things that were, are, or are coming into your life, you tend to set your vibration to a level that’s like catnip for even more good stuff coming your way.

More good stuff? Right on.

Likewise, if you give your energy to everything that bugs or dismays you, everything unpleasant in your life, guess what you’re sending out a call for?…

Right. More crap…

So your grandma did know what she was talking about when she said to count your blessings…

There are some folks who worry that giving thanks for what they have will stop them at the level they’re at. The mantra I like to work is “I’m perfectly happy. I just want more..”

Like that? I make you a holiday gift of it.

So, on this beautiful Thanksgiving day, between the turkey and the parades and the football, I invite you to take a moment and be grateful for all the things that are good in your life.

Empower this even further by feeling how happy these things make you.

Then watch for more good stuff coming at ya.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks.






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We’ve spent quite a bit of time looking at symbolic dreams and how to get the information they bring to us.

But what if you don’t dream? Or don’t remember your dreams?

Full dreams tend to occur during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) part of sleep. With few exceptions, most people experience REM at least once per sleep cycle (whether that is a full 8 hours or even during many naps), so data indicates that most of us are dreaming on a regular basis.

Many people don’t remember their dreams. Some don’t remember so deeply that they don’t even remember that they have dreamed.

That seems like a kind of impasse there, if you can’t interpret your dreams because you can’t remember them.

There is a way of working with that, though…

First, when you’re planning on interpreting your dreams, be sure you’ve got writing materials (pad and pencil/crayon and sketch pad/ birch bark and quill dipped in crushed berries/whatever floats your boat!) right next to the bed.

(When passing from dreaming to waking state, you come through several different levels of brain waves. If, on top of that, you visit the bathroom, go get a drink, then have to hunt around for something to write on, you might as well kiss that dream goodbye now and save yourself the trouble.)

Then when you’re in bed and drifting off to sleep, tell yourself repeatedly “Tonight, I will dream and I will remember my dream…”

If you sleep alone, you can do this out loud. If you share sleeping quarters, do this silently in your mind (it’ll work just as well).

The silent method is because you don’t want to weird out your sleep buddy, plus it’s far harder to dream if said buddy keeps thumping you with a pillow and saying “Will you hush up?!!!

How does this work? As you pass from full alertness (Beta waves) down through Alpha, Theta and Delta waves, your mind becomes more receptive to suggestions you give yourself. You’re, in effect, retraining your body to remember.

(For the record, this is an extremely simple form of self-hypnosis. If you have questions about that, please feel free to comment or email).

This may work pretty quickly, or it may take more time to work, based on parameters such as how deep you sleep, how receptive you are to your own suggestions, how much your sleep buddy hits you with that pillow, etc.; but the bottom line is that, if you keep doing it, you will begin to remember your dreams.

And, lucky you! You just happen to know how to interpret them…

More fun and games with dreaming on the way..






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Dec. 21 ,2012 is a date that has caught Hollywood’s attention recently,and in my opinion, unfortunately. So, to help out,  I’m going to relay what I know about the subject.
    First if you’re expecting earthquakes, plagues, rivers of blood, ect….well prepare to be disappointed.

   You see on 12/21/2012, the Mayan calendar comes to an end. Now the Mayan calendar is a cyclical one. It starts on 1Reed, moves through its sub-cycles untill 1Reed arrives again. This has happened 4 times and is about to  happen again. The 5th world will end and the 6th world will start.

More to come anon.






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It’s the end of the Mayan calendar…

                                   And the Aztec calendar…

                                                  And the Hopi calendar….

And now there’s that big disaster movie coming out…

Know what?….

2012 is not something to be afraid of.

As we’ve been traveling around, we’ve been running into a lot of fear and anxiety concerned with 2012. It seems like a good time to set the record straight and give you better information about the coming milestone.

Keep an eye on this space for Starwolf’s introduction to 2012.

And keep calm. Things are going to be fine 🙂 .






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We’ve dreamed…

We’ve written down that dream…

We’ve marked each important aspect that jumped out at us…

We’ve asked the two magic questions-

  • What is ( your word here) to me?


  • How does (your word here) make me feel?  ….

We’ve written our answers down…

Now we’re ready to interpret the dream.

Look at your notes on what the different dream aspects meant to you and how they made you feel. As you look at them, you’ll gradually see a new story emerging- the story behind the story.

This is what your symbolic dream is trying to tell you.

To give you an example, let’s take our sample dream from the Nov. 3 post ” Dream Interpretation- Finding the Clues to the Hidden Story“.

In this dream, the key aspects are bear, running, exhausted, chipmunk, door, and  falling.

Now, if this were my dream/being expressed in my symbolic language, it’d mean-

  • the bear ( hibernation/need to sleep) is chasing me
  • I’m running (avoiding that I need more rest)
  • I’m exhausted (at the end of my resources)
  • I reach a door ( a significant point in my life)
  • I’m falling ( in this case, getting sick because I’m worn out)
  • I see a chipmunk ( chipmunks tend to be lucky symbols for me)

So the hidden story is that I’m in desperate need of additional rest/ sleep or I’ll get sick, but that I still have time to choose a more fortunate option(chipmunk) and avoid getting sick..

So I think I’ll go take a nap now…

See how that works?

Right now, this may seem like a long and complicated process to use to interpret a dream. As you get used to it, though, it’ll get simpler. I’m  having you write things down and mark them to start with, so you don’t miss something and so the process is clear.With practice, you’ll be able to fly through the same process in your head (which saves a lot of time and trees…)

You may still want to write your dreams down. Some folks like a record of what they dreamed and what happened. Some dreams predict long-term things and a record can be very handy in such cases.

So, now it’s time to try this on your dreams. Have fun.

Coming up – info on controlled dreaming…






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As some of you may know, I’ve very interested in manifestation and the various techniques of making it happen. The idea that “thoughts become things”, words have power and what we give our attention to affects what shows into our lives is fascinating and surprising to me. Because of this, I’ve spent a lot of time learning ways to work with this phenomenon, and experimenting with them to understand what makes them tick better.

That being said, if this interests you too, I’ve got a book to recommend to you.

The Law of Attraction in Action” by Deanna Davis is a wonderful book for getting started with the Law of Attraction. It’s well-written, very grounded and a fun read. More than that, it makes manifestation user-friendly, even if you’re new to metaphysics. Good exercises, simple techniques, and lots of Deanna’s own experiences (including her initial questions and doubts about manifestation) make this a really good book to include in your metaphysical library.

I wanted more :-).

On a scale of 1-5 Lucky Cats  for practical skills for living in a magickal world, I give it a 5.

Keep watching. More good stuff coming.





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As I’ve previously said, each of us has dreams that are written in our own individual symbolic language.

A cat in a dream might mean something cozy and comforting to me; but someone aloof and remote to you.

 And we’d both be right. Those would both be legitimate interpretations of a dream cat, based on how each of us saw cats.

What’s also interesting is that the cat is not always going to mean the same thing to me in a dream. One cat might give that cuddly feeling, another a wild and mysterious aspect to the dream.

That’s why the second magic question

  • How does (your word here) make me feel?

is so important. It tells us to look for symbolic shifting within our dreams.

The important part is that each dream is its own critter, so ask the questions, listen to what your inner wisdom and know that a cat may take different functions, dependant on the dream (and why does that not surprise me? 😉 )





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In the last Dream Post ( Dream Interpretation- the Magic Questions, Part 2) , we looked at the first of the two magic questions:

  • What does (your word here ) mean to me?

Now it’s time to look at question number 2 :

  • How does ( your word here ) make me feel?

Take each element or aspect that you marked as important. How did it make you feel?

Why do your feelings matter in dreams? An element that gives you a positive feeling symbolizes something very different from the same element giving you a negative feeling.

For example, in our sample dream, if I feel scared of the bear that I dream is chasing me, it’s probably symbolizing something I don’t want to look at in my waking life. On the other hand, if I’m dreaming I’m giggling while being chased by the same bear, then something big is coming my way that is not as scary as it looks…

See how your feelings affect the interpretation?…

Here we go:

  • Go through your dream.
  •  Look at each important aspect.
  •  How did it make you feel?
  • Write it down.

Now you’ve got the information you need to interpret your dream.

Next dream post- the story behind the story….







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In the last dream post, we talked about the two magic questions of dream interpretation:

  • What does ( your word here) mean to me?


  • How does ( your word here) make me feel?

Lets look at the questions in a bit more detail…

What does (your word here) mean to me?

As I’ve previously said, symbolic dreams are written in our own personal symbolic system. For instance, a dream of a foggy day might mean “mystery” to one person and “depression” to another. Both would be legitimate interpretations of that  dream, and which interpretation was accurate would depend on who was having the dream.

That make sense?

In the previous post, I used the example of a dream of being chased by a bear. If  “Bear  stands out as an important point, what does ” Bear” mean?


  • Bear is strong and powerful
  • Bear is omnivorous, so is very flexible
  • Bear hibernates, so can symbolize a need to rest
  • Bear has traditional identity  in healing, in certain cultures
  • Bears can come in threes( is there a 3 connection)?
  • Bears are something you shouldn’t feed

And so on.

To find the meaning, you page through various meanings/ connections/ symbols.  When you find the meaning, it’ll jump out at you.

Take each important point and write down it’s meaning for you in this dream.

Next time round, we’ll look at question number 2…






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