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In a previous Dream post, I talked about books of “meanings of Dreams”…

And why they don’t work…

Since our dreams are written in our personal symbolic language, and the books are written in the symbolic language of the people who originally set up the systems, the odds are good that there will be considerable variance between one system and another.

so what’s a dreamer to do?…

Well, for starters, learn what your own symbol system is…

Now, I know some of us don’t remember our dreams, or believe we don’t remember our dreams.

I’ll be getting into that, as well as some other dreaming techniques later on…

But for now, let’s start with the dreams we have.

As most folks do when talking about dreams, I’d recommend you start by having a pen and paper placed at your bedside, ready for use.

Then, when you dream, as soon as you can, write.

Write down everything you can remember about the dream. The big stuff. The small stuff. Colors, sensations, feelings.

Write it all down.

And next time, we’ll start to work on that dream…





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In the October 6 post (Dream Interpretation 101 ), we touched on the difference between dreams where your mind is playing, vs the dreams that are psychic ones.

Psychic dreams tend to have one or more of the following aspects:

  • They feel very real.
  • You may have problems telling if you’re awake or asleep during a psychic dream.
  • You may feel like you’ve woken up while you’re still sleeping.
  • You may wake up and have trouble telling if you’re awake yet or still sleeping.
  • They feel important (indeed, sometimes there’s almost a feeling of “Pay attention-this is important”).
  • They tend to stick in your memory after you wake.
  • They may be recurrant (you have the same dream repeatedly).
  • They may be progressive (you have the same dream multiple times and, each time, the story progresses a little further.)

Not every psychic dream has all or any of these aspects, and not every dream that has these is a psychic dream, but they do make good guides for which dreams to look more closely at.

Psychic dreams, as you may remember, are divided into literal and symbolic dreams.

  • Symbolic psychic dreams are when you dream of being dive bombed by pigeons, and your co-workers dump all over you the following day.
  • Literal psychic dreams are when you dream of being dive bombed by pigeons, and are dive bombed by pigeons the following day.

Literal psychic dreams tend to be more rare than symbolic ones.

  • People have sometimes had isolated warning dreams that were literal dreams.
  •  There are experienced psychics who regularly have dreams of literal events to come.

Despite that, for most of us , psychic dreams tend to come in the symbolic variety. Because of this, we’ll be looking at interpreting symbolic psychic dreams first.

More dreaming coming…





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Halloween is rapidly approaching.

Have you got your treats ready?

More to the point, how’d you like a treat yourself?

On October 31, the psychics of Foresight will be doing readings (now there’s a lovely treat!) at the Goddess festival sponsored by Enchantments in Manchester, Ct. We’re seeing readers, vendors, free classes and workshops (including “Intro to Palmistry” by Catherine, and “Intro to Shamanism” by Starwolf) throughout the day, followed by a Haunted Halloween  Ball (attendance to ball-$25).

So treat yourself to a really good time  (you deserve it)!

Hope to see you there.

Want to know more? Check out www.enchantmentsschool.com (see upcoming events page)






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Now, when people think dream interpretation, usually the first thing they think of are  the classic manuals of dream interpretation. You know, one of those thousands of easily available classic books full of lists that tell you “a turkey means this” and “a blender means that” in your dreams.

They’re nice books.

Unfortunately, they don’t work….


The truth is that images that appear in your dreams ( as in visions, and other metaphysical applications…) are written in your own personal symbolic system.

What do I mean by that? For instance, in a dream, a cat might mean “cuddly and comforting ” to me, and “aloof and reserved” to you. Two totally different meanings that are both legitimate because they’re based in our individual experiences of cats.

So my dream of a cat and yours might mean totally different things.

And, since the dream interpretation books reflect the symbolic people of the person that created them, they’re unlikely to be useful to us.

In the next dream post, I’ll start showing you how to interpret your own dream-symbols…

See you then.






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As noted in another recent posting  ( Oct. 11,2009 ), Reiki rocks!

It’s good for 

  • helping your body heal itself;
  • giving you energy;
  • manifesting amazing things;
  • helping others;

and lots of other good stuff.

This Saturday, I’ll be teaching Reiki II at Talisman in Monroe, Ct. This class includes two attunements( Usui and Angelic), the first 5 Reiki symbols, a method of using Reiki for manifestation, distance Reiki ( across the room or across the world), the ability to send Reiki forwards or backwards in time , and lots of other good stuff.

And, if my past classes are any indication, we’ll have a great time…

To take Reiki II, you must already have had Reiki I( it’s fine if it was with another teacher).

With level II Reiki time techniques, you can certainly affect the past or future, but if we’re going to get your reference material ready, we need to start pronto. If you’re ready to take the next step and you’d like to take it with me as your teacher, please contact Talisman as quickly as possible and reserve your place. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact me (methods available at www.ForesightYourPsychic.com ) but reserve quickly so you don’t miss this oppurtunity.

Hope to see you in class





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Why would psychic abilities first surface through dreams?

To better understand this, we need to look at the nature of the mind.

Your conscious mind has roughly 20% of the power of the mind. This includes your judgement.

Now some folks look at judgement as a negative thing (the ability to look down on other people, for instance). 

 I’m not one of them. I think that judgement is what keeps you from doing foolish things, like touching the stove to see if it’s hot, or getting in the car with the creepy stranger.

Used appropriately, judgement’s great. It’s here to keep us safe and help us make better decisions.

Unfortunately, sometimes judgement misfires. Since our society doesn’t publicly accept psychic phenomenon and can stigmatize people who do, our conscious mind will often explain away psychic experiences, in an attempt to “fit in” or “not look crazy”.

So you’ll be having psychic experiences and not know it. Or denying it with all of your strength..

Your subconscious/ unconscious mind has around 80% of the brain power, including the Mind-Body connection and most of your psychic ability.

Thus, when you’re asleep, the unconscious mind (with all of that psychic ability) is in the driver’s seat; and your judgement is asleep, and unable to tell you that you can’t possibly be  psychic…

That’s why psychic abilities tend to surface first in dreams.

It’s worth noting that, once you consciously accept that psychic phenomena exist and that you may be psychic, you can gradually increase your conscious control over your psychic abilities.

Some folks continue to have psychic dreams at this point (dreaming may help you reach deeper levels).

Some don’t  (you may find a conscious practice is more your style).

But the dreams are the way most of us usually start…

Next time around, we’ll start looking at how to interpret your dreams.

Dream on..






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Want to understand psychic dreaming?

Let’s start with a bit of history first.

Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, was one of the most noted American psychics of all time. For over forty years, he followed a daily practice of consciously induced psychic dreaming to:

  • answer questions,
  • develop alternative health remedies, and
  • make predictions.

The work that he did at the turn of the century is still being studied and used to this day.

So there’s historical precedence for dreaming as an effective method of psychic perception. Cayce’s work also shows us that psychic dreaming is more than just a baby step on our way to bigger and better things…

So let’s look at how psychic dreaming works and how we can make it work for us

Next time: the conscious and the unconscious..

Want to learn more about Edgar Cayce? Start at A.R.E.






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We’ve had seven days/ three weekends of fun at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire.

There’ s only one weekend left…

We’ve seen amazing performances;

Ate delicious food;

Had wonderful adventures;

We’ve had many, many wonderful people come to visit our booth on Ironsides Way in the village of Caerleon at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire;

And there’s still time for you to be one of them !  🙂

There’s one final weekend of chivalry, comedy, adventure, romance and good family fun at Connecticut Renaissance Faire,

Not to mention the psychics of Foresight.

Come eat a turkey leg, party with a pirate, cheer the hero, kiss a fool and get a reading from your Foresight soothsayers (that’s medieval for psychics.)…

Or find your own medieval fun…

We’ll see you there…





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Have you heard about Reiki?

Reiki is a type of energywork , originally from Japan, that enables you to tap into a divine source of energy. With Reiki, you can:

  • support your body’s natural ability to heal;
  • help others heal;
  • support the health of your pets;
  • manifest good things in your life;
  • and many other good things…

Reiki has had an amazingly positive effect on my life, as well as giving me powerful skills to help others (yes, I do like it 🙂 ).

On October 24th, I’ll be teaching Usui Reiki, Level II at Talisman in Monroe, Ct. This class will include the level II Usui and Angelic Reiki attunements, the first 5 Reiki symbols, a method of  Reiki manifestation, the techniques for sending Reiki across the room or around the world, how to send Reiki forwards or backwards in time, and other goodies as well.

And plenty of practice of course…

Plus, it’s a fun class.

To take this class, you must have taken Reiki, level I first (but it’s perfectly o.k. if you’ve taken it with another teacher). 

If you have that level and want to take the next step in Reiki with me, please check in with Talisman for how to secure your place in this class. If you have more questions about Reiki, please email me at we_are_foresight@yahoo.com .

Hope to see you in class.


Reiki Master




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It’s time for more dream talk.

Let’s start with how and why dreams can be more than indigestion or play time for your head.

From my experience, it seems that most people are intrinsically psychic to a greater or lesser extent, whether they know it or not . Maybe everyone is. I don’t know- I haven’t met everyone yet…

Most folks have had those “special” moments:

  • when you’re humming a tune, turn on the radio and the same tune is playing;
  • when you think of someone you haven’t seen for a long time, the phone rings, and there they are;
  • when you get a feeling that you should take an alternate route home, and find there was a horrendous crash on your original route;

You know, stuff like that.

Psychic experiences aren’t just people foreseeing plane crashes, talking to deceased folks or predicting the “End Times”.

They’re also:

  •  the funny little things that happen everyday.
  •  the things we know when there’s  no way of logically knowing them by way of the five senses.
  • the “co-incidences” that are explained away with “reasons” far less likely than psychic knowledge.

In our culture, unfortunately, there’s a lot of folks who believe in psychic phenomena but not wide-spread acceptance of it. In other words, even though many folks privately believe that psychic abilities exist, publically it’s considered unproven at best and hogwash or fraud at worst.

If you’re someone with a psychic gift, you may not know there is anyone else like you. You may feel very alone. You may worry about what people (especially the people you care about) would think about you if they found out.

 You may not know how to use or control your gift. You may not know where to go to find help to learn this.

Your gift might scare you.

For these reasons, many times folks will look at experiences of their sixth sense and come up with “rational explanations” to explain them. Never mind if these rational explanations involve amazingly unlikely factors. They’ll do their best to explain things all away…

Because, for many of us, it’s more comfortable to live in a non-magickal world than it is to admit that psychic ability and magick and other such things exist…

That’s understandable. We’re all doing the best we can, and most of us can only handle so much at one time. It’s a human thing.

Unfortunately, this cuts us off from gifts that could serve us well, and part of the world we live in.

Furthermore, when we’re ready to touch the unseen, years of being told by others and telling ourselves that “there’s no such thing…” can undermine our ability to get in touch with that magickal world.

We sabotage ourselves. Tell ourselves that “it’s just the wind” or  we’re “imagining things” . We tell ourselves that psychic people are special and “who do we think we are? isn’t it conceited to think we’re that special?…”

There’s lots of ways to block our gifts.

And this is where dreams ride to the rescue…

More coming






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