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Our second weekend at the Connecticut Rennaisance Faire is coming up fast, and there’s so many good things to be experienced.

There’s the music, the adventure, the magic, the mystery. There’s wizards and warriors, acrobats and jesters, bards and damsels in distress. There’s games and crafts and feats of derring do…

And then there’s the food…

Whether it’s turkey legs or scotch eggs, fresh squeezed lime-aide or deep fried jester chips, red pepper gouda soup or  sweet or savory crepes or hot, fresh doughnuts, there are delicacies to suit every taste…

Not to mention another chance for a reading by the psychics of Foresight. With our menu of tarot, palmistry, I Ching, pendulum dowsing and intuitive readings, as well as a wide range of information on metaphysical, spiritual, personal development and alternative health topics, we also offer options to suit every taste.

So snack your way around Connecticut Rennaisance Faire- but don’t forget to stop by at Cafe Foresight






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We’ve been talking a lot about the metaphysical grounding of energy. Let’s tie it all together.

Grounding is the act of connecting metaphysical energy with the physical world.

There are a number of reasons to ground.

  • If you’ve been doing a lot of metaphysical work and are feeling spacey, you can ground your personal energy to strengthen your connection with your body and the physical world, thus throwing off your spaciness.
  • If  you’ve been with a negative person or in a negative situation and have picked up some negative energy, you can ground out that energy into the Earth.
  • If you’ve got negative energy from your past, you can ground that out and release it.
  • If you’re carrying excess energy from metaphysical working or an over-stimulating situation, you can ground out enough energy to return to a natural level.

In short, you can use grounding to release energy, whether that of others or yourself, to release energy ( including emotions or beliefs) that you no longer wish to hold onto.

You can ground by

  • meditation;
  • physical activity;
  • eating or drinking;
  • hugging a tree;
  • water;
  • fire;
  • music;

and other methods that personally work for you.

The most important thing in regards to grounding is to remember to do it when you need to ground. To do this, you need to listen to your body, mind and spirit.

When you start to  feel spacey, dis-oriented, off-center or just not right, that’s a good time to decide whether you need to ground. Ground  to strengthen your connection with the physical world, or release energy that does not serve you.

Now you have the tools. The trick is to use them.

Got questions of grounding? Or other metaphysical topics?

You know where to find us…





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I had a rough night the other night. I’d been dealing with some recurrant pain in shoulder, neck and knee which kept popping up when least expected( guess my body’s asking me to slow down and loosen up a bit 🙂 ). I’d also been getting over a bit of a cold or bug, and getting ready for the weekend’s long trip to adventure.

All things said, I was not at my best.

Then the phone rang.

This seemed to be crisis night at our house. Friend after friend called, all with serious emergencies( I’m talking “Life-and-Death” emergencies, not “I’m-so-annoyed” emergencies), and all needing our help, whether it be a listening ear, someone to bounce ideas off of, or physical action.

Now, part of friendship is being there when things get rough. It’s the right thing to do. It’s just unfortunate that people’s emergencies all popped up at the same time.When I finally signed off, I’d been on the phone for over two hours.

And I was pretty trashed. I ached all over, I was exhausted, I was unfocused and I felt like five miles of bad road.

I crawled into bed and felt crappy for a bit. It took some time before it hit me….

I needed to ground!!!…

My friends were in appropriate pain, given their situations. I had both picked up some of their energy, and developed some of my own negative energy , because I felt bad for them.

Feeling bad for them was appropriate, but carrying the negative energy that came with that was trashing my immune system, making me cranky, pushing me towards a flu, and putting me in a state where I couldn’t help them, myself or anyone else.

I needed to keep my caring and empathy for my friends but  ground the excess energy so I could do what I needed to be of service, as well as meet my own commitments.

Getting back to the topic of this post, what is the ultimate secret in grounding?

You need to pay attention and ground when you need to….

Listen to your body, senses and spirit. If you’re paying attention, they’ll tell you when you need to ground out your own energy or that of someone else.


  • Hug a tree
  • Meditate
  • Take a shower
  • Eat some chocolate

Or do whatever you need to do to reestablish your balance.

And if you forget to ground at times, don’t be embarassed- it happens to us all.

( And I’m the proof…)





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Did you miss us at the Lakewood Rennaisance Faire in New Jersey?

Did you catch us at Lakewood and decide you can’t get enough of medieval merriment?

Well, you’re in luck again…

You can catch the psychics of Foresight from Sept 26- Oct 18 (Columbus Day and weekends only) at the Connecticut Rennaisance Faire in Hebron, Ct.

See knights in armor, jesters, magicians, bards, the Fae, and lots, lots more ( including us, of course).

And stop in for the psychic reading of your choice…

For more information on Connecticut Rennaisance Faire, please click here.

Hope to see you there.





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     We’ve examined a number of ways to ground your own energy or ground out negative energy or energy you no longer wish to carry with you. With methods we’ve reviewed previously, the modalities were relatively straightforward.

  • Fire was good for deconstructing negative energy.
  • The Heaven and Earth meditation was good for grounding your energy  and regaining your center.
  • Eating certain foods was good for grounding you back into your body.

     And so forth…

    Music’s different. Music can be used in different ways for grounding, and different people will find music grounding in different ways.

     It’s effective, but because your results may vary widely, I’d recommend that you take options presented here and try them yourself, to see what works for you.

     We know that vigorous physical activity is grounding. Because of this, some folks find music that makes them want to move, or dance, or exercise vigorously very grounding. Heavy drumming, powerful guitar or catchy tunes can lodge some folks firmly in body.

     Interestingly enough, the same drum beats that some folks find grounding can have the reverse effect on other folks. Drumming is one classic way of creating a trance state, which takes you out-of-body as opposed to into it.

     So, drumming can get you coming and going…

    Folks that find drumming has an ecstatic effect on them may find that calmer music is more grounding for them. Baroque classical music or some New Age pieces may better suit the bill.

      So the only way to find out what works for you is to try.

      And, once you know which type of music is good for grounding you, you’ve got one more tool in your arsenal.

       More good stuff on the way (as always)





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Love knights in armor and damsels in distress (or vice versa)?

Hunger for deeds of derring do?

Want a personal reading from the psychics of Foresight?

Well, you’re in luck, then…

Join us on Sept. 19 and 20 at the Lakewood Rennaissance Faire in the exotic lands of Lakewood, New Jersey. While jesters sport, bards sing and jousters take up arms against evil, Catherine and Starwolf will be joining with the East Kingdom Soothsayer’s Guild to bring their special type of magic to the faire (and to you if you so choose…)

Come join us this coming weekend at the faire!

We hope to see you there.






Want to do more about Lakewood Rennaissance Faire? Click here

Want to know more about the East Kingdom Soothsayer’s Guild? Click here

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     We’ve looked at using the element of water for grounding. Now let’s look at it’s counterpart, the element of fire.

     Water cleanses by washing things away. Fire cleanses by burning things up, reducing them to ash and air,which returns to the earth. As such, fire can be a useful modality for clearing  beliefs or energy that is negative, dysfunctional, or no longer useful; as well as that which isn’t even yours.

     Had a fight with a family member? Chewed out by your boss? Exposed to politically based hysteria or paranoia? You may be carrying around a pile of negative energy that isn’t even yours, but this energy can still effect your head, your health and how you experience the world.

     Fire is good for clearing this kind of energy away.

    To use fire for grounding out negative energy, you can use any size of fire from a bonfire to a birthday candle.  You need to be respectful of fire-set things up before you start so there are no risks of stray things catching on fire (set your fire in a flame-proof container on a non- flammable surface).  I like to use a tea candle in a clear candle-cup type holder on my bathroom sink counter (water easily available, if needed).

     Arrange things so you have privacy, both for the energywork and also so your flame will  not be knocked over by someone else.

      Once the flame is lit, settle yourself comfortably and gaze deeply into the flame. Picture the energy or beliefs you wish to release flowing from you to the flames, where they are burned and returned into their basic elements. Intend that these elements will be grounded into the Earth and transformed into something beneficial for the highest good of all concerned.

      It’s worth noting that you don’t necessarily have to know the specifics of the belief or energy you’re grounding out.  “This nervous feeling” works as well as ” fears of failure from my childhood” ; and ” generalized drained feeling” as well as “aftermath of that other driver’s road rage”.

     When I ground out negative energy with fire, I find that the steady candle flame immediately starts flickering at the moment that I start releasing the energy. The more energy I release, the harder the flame flickers; and, once I stop releasing, the flame returns to it’s original steady state.

     Interesting, this…

      If you cannot access a physical flame, you can go through the same procedure by visualizing flame. After all, the symbol  is the thing…

     Once finished, you need to extinguish your flame. When working with fire magically, it’s often reccommended that you “snuff” your flame, as blowing it out could disrupt the effect you’re creating. In this case, since you’re trying to dissipate energy, blowing the flame out may be appropriate (trust your inner wisdom).

     And we’re still not done with grounding…





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     Food, drink, visualization, physical activity, hugging a tree – so many ways to ground!

     What’s  next?

     How about a little water to wash everything down with?

     In magick and metaphysical work, you’re (in effect) shaping the nature of reality using thought and belief, energy and your will.  Because of this, thoughts and concepts are powerful tools when working with energy. 

     There’s a saying ” the symbol is the thing”. That translates out to say that when something is symbolic of something else, it can be used to affect that thing or to invoke the quality it is symbolic of.

      Symbolically, water is strong and powerful. It is fluid and flexible. It’s darn near unstoppable (ever try to fix a leak in your basement?).

     In the context of grounding, we’re going to tap into water as the master cleanser.

     Water is very useful for clearing energy that you no longer wish to carry in you, whether your own energy or energy which has come from outside  of you. You can use it to clear cranky or negative emotions, outgrown or dysfunctional beliefs, excess energy, feelings of overwhelm after coming through a crisis, and much, much more…

     In the simplest format, you can ground out energy (outside energy or your own) by combining two things:

  • water (real or visualized), and
  • your intention for the water to carry away the energy that you do not want or no longer need (works good for current issues and long-term problems).

     Some examples of how to do this?

  • Shake hands with someone who feels untrustworthy (like they “slimed” you? ). Wash your hands with the intention that you’re cleared of any negative attatchments.
  • Had a challenging series of encounters with people just this side of hysteria and beginning to feel a little hysterical yourself? Climb into the shower and picture the water carrying the stress of the day away.
  • Had someone yelling at you at work and don’t have immediate access to water? Close your eyes and picture an energetic waterfall passing over and through you, clearing you of bad vibes.

     You get the idea…

    It’s important when you do this to include in your intention an intentional step that all negative energy will be cleansed, recycled or otherwise transformed for the highest good of all concerned.

     Don’t want no free-roaming negativity out and about…

     Just remember- when it comes to grounding, water is your friend-

     So go with the flow…

     See you soon





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     We’ve talked about grounding by meditation, grounding by physical activity, and grounding by eating and drinking.

     Now, let’s take a different tack on the subject of grounding…

     How about utilizing the world around you?

     In other words, go hug a tree!

     This may sound funky/ hippie/ silly but the truth is that Nature is very powerful, and trees are a powerful part of nature. Hugging a tree can be a great way to ground your own energy or to ground out outside energy you no longer wish to carry.

     Trees are living beings. Some folks will ask permission of the tree before working with it in this way- some won’t.

     I believe that you can never be too polite.

     Wrap your arms around the tree or sit with your back firmly against it. Feel your energy melding with that of the tree. Feel how it’s roots ground you firmly to the Earth; it’s branches lift your energies into the Heavens.

     If you have outside energy or personal energy that you no longer wish to carry, breath it out down the roots of the tree, with the intention that the Earth will transform it into something positive and productive.

     Let the tree help you with your grounding…

     Then, if you’re so moved, say thank you.

     Trees can be powerful friends in the work of grounding, but there are additional options. When the situation called for it, my husband has been known to use the steel support beams in the basement of our home in the same way.

     Worked good.

      We’ve gone through four different types of methods for grounding, but we’re not done yet!

     More grounding coming at you!





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