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     In previous posts (8/03 , 8/09 , 8/16 , 8/23 ), we’ve gone through the Heaven and Earth meditation , a classic, powerful visualisation you can use for grounding your own personal energy and for grounding out outside energy you don’t want to hold onto. We’ve also talked about using physical activity for grounding and what kind of activities would be good for that ( 8/25 ).

     On a related topic, let’s talk about food and grounding.

     For most of us, the action of eating or drinking is intrinsically grounding of our personal energy. It’s a physical activity that involves the physical senses. and tends to strengthen the connections between you and your physical body (I like to say that eating chocolate pulls me back into body because that’s where the toungue is so I can taste it!)

     Foods that are particularly grounding include fatty foods (including butter), meat (especially red meat), sugary foods, caffeine and my personal favorite, chocolate.

     Now some folks say that, because these kind of foods are grounding, they’re contraproductive if you’re doing psychic or metaphysical work.

      The concept is kind of like that of a hot-air balloon, with the grounding foods serving like weight that prevents one from getting lift and taking off.

     People of this viewpoint tend to feel that, if you’re doing psychic / metaphysical work, you should be on a vegetarian diet and be caffeine free.

     I respect this theory, but I do not find it true for me.

     I find that when I’m doing psychic / metaphysical work (especially a lot of such work), I tend to become poorly grounded, and my connections with the physical world become weaker. Amongst other things, this can make it harder for me to talk clearly, and to think of the best words to say to express what I’m “seeing”.

     Which, I’m sure you can see, could be a problem.

     I believe that  we need to be both grounded and spiritually connected to function at our best. Because of this, when I’m working, I’ll have grounding foods and liquids readily available, and eat or drink as needed to keep myself in the best balance between Heaven and Earth possible…

     (The therapeutic administration of chocolate! What fun!)

     Your results may vary.

  • You may need that ongoing balance through grounding foods, like I do;
  • You may only want to use food to ground after you’ve finished working;
  • You may chose to not have grounding food or drink at all around times when you’ll be working;
  • You may even chose to go vegetarian or caffeine-free in your life-style, to strengthen that esoteric bond.

     As always, you have Free Will and the choice is yours. Having the information, I’d encourage you to test it yourself and make your own personal choice about what feels best for you personally.

     That’s not all we have on grounding. See you soon.





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