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     If you’re  a psychic empath, the odds are good that you’ve got an awful lot to deal with. As an empath, you’ve been given a psychic gift, but you need a bunch of skills and techniques to make it work for you ( kinda like all of those toys that come “batteries not included” , eh?)

     We’ve already covered some of these techniques and we’ ll be covering a lot more as we go along, but that’s going to take quite awhile.

     Wanna get a jump on things?…

     Try the Fall issue of  the Door Opener, Connecticut’s  spirituality and holistic health resource guide.

      You’ll find lots of useful and interesting information in the Door Opener. In the Fall edition, you’ll find a good-sized article by me on ways to survive and thrive as an empath, including expanations of this psychic gift and  practical methods to manage it and make it work for you.

     The Door Opener can be found at many New Age shops and health food stores throughout Connecticut and also at www.anopendoor.com.

     We’ll looking at many of these techniques over time. If you want to learn them faster, the article in the Door Opener can give you that short cut.

     More good stuff on the way.


     8/18/ 09



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