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     (Parts one and two of this meditation may be found at the posts for 8/3/09 and 8/9/09)

     And now, we have roots of light, anchoring us to the core of the Earth…

     And now, we have branches of light, securing us to the Heavens…

     And we are suspended safely between Heaven and Earth…

     Picture a tunnel of light, a passage through the center of you that connects the chakras at the soles of your feet, the base of your spine and the crown of your head. A path where light passes freely through you.

     Your other five major chakras lie along this path. You can find them:

  • just below your navel;
  • at your solar plexus;
  • at your heart;
  • at the base of your throat; and
  • between your eyebrows, at your third eye.

      Picture these chakras as spinning vortexes, bright and vibrant, full of light and functioning perfectly.

      In our next step, we’ll be bringing in the energy of the Earth and of the Heavens.

     (Part four to follow.)





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