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     In previous posts (8/03 , 8/09 , 8/16 , 8/23 ), we’ve gone through the Heaven and Earth meditation , a classic, powerful visualisation you can use for grounding your own personal energy and for grounding out outside energy you don’t want to hold onto. We’ve also talked about using physical activity for grounding and what kind of activities would be good for that ( 8/25 ).

     On a related topic, let’s talk about food and grounding.

     For most of us, the action of eating or drinking is intrinsically grounding of our personal energy. It’s a physical activity that involves the physical senses. and tends to strengthen the connections between you and your physical body (I like to say that eating chocolate pulls me back into body because that’s where the toungue is so I can taste it!)

     Foods that are particularly grounding include fatty foods (including butter), meat (especially red meat), sugary foods, caffeine and my personal favorite, chocolate.

     Now some folks say that, because these kind of foods are grounding, they’re contraproductive if you’re doing psychic or metaphysical work.

      The concept is kind of like that of a hot-air balloon, with the grounding foods serving like weight that prevents one from getting lift and taking off.

     People of this viewpoint tend to feel that, if you’re doing psychic / metaphysical work, you should be on a vegetarian diet and be caffeine free.

     I respect this theory, but I do not find it true for me.

     I find that when I’m doing psychic / metaphysical work (especially a lot of such work), I tend to become poorly grounded, and my connections with the physical world become weaker. Amongst other things, this can make it harder for me to talk clearly, and to think of the best words to say to express what I’m “seeing”.

     Which, I’m sure you can see, could be a problem.

     I believe that  we need to be both grounded and spiritually connected to function at our best. Because of this, when I’m working, I’ll have grounding foods and liquids readily available, and eat or drink as needed to keep myself in the best balance between Heaven and Earth possible…

     (The therapeutic administration of chocolate! What fun!)

     Your results may vary.

  • You may need that ongoing balance through grounding foods, like I do;
  • You may only want to use food to ground after you’ve finished working;
  • You may chose to not have grounding food or drink at all around times when you’ll be working;
  • You may even chose to go vegetarian or caffeine-free in your life-style, to strengthen that esoteric bond.

     As always, you have Free Will and the choice is yours. Having the information, I’d encourage you to test it yourself and make your own personal choice about what feels best for you personally.

     That’s not all we have on grounding. See you soon.





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     As I’ve previously said in the post “The Grounds for Grounding”, grounding can be good for

  • grounding your energy in the physical plane,
  • or grounding out energy you no longer wish to contain into the Earth to be transformed.

     The Heaven and Earth meditation (see the posts for August 3, August 9Aug 16 and August 23) is good for both kinds of grounding. As we go through other ways to ground, I’ll include guidelines on what activities are better for which kind of  grounding.

     That being said, if you’ve been working metaphysically with a whole bunch of energy and are starting to feel a bit spacey, one of the best ways to ground your personal energy is physical activity.

     Some  options:

  • Put both of your feet flat on the ground.
  • Breath deeply.
  • Stretch  (take your cue from how a cat stretches).
  • Get up and walk around.
  • Clap your hands.
  • Stomp your feet.
  • Do jumping jacks.
  • Dance (dance hard!)

     When you do something physical, you strengthen your connection with your body and the physical world around you. This helps you function better in that physical world,

     When chosing physical activity to ground your personal energy, there are a couple of factors to consider.

  • If you’re poorly grounded, this can affect your alertness, balance and co-ordination. You may wish to start activities involving vigorous movement slowly, to prevent falling.
  • When chosing a grounding activity, it’s also good to consider your surroundings. In some settings, dancing or jumping jacks may startle or alarm the people around you.

     Just remember that, when you’re less than grounded, your body has lots of ways to re-establish those energetic connections.

     More ways to ground are on the horizon…





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     ( Parts 1, 2 and 3 of this meditation can be found at the posts for 8/3/09, 8/9/09 and 8/16/09)

     We have roots that reach to the core of the Earth;

     We have branches that stretch to the Heavens;

     And now it’s time to bring Heaven and Earth together…

     Reach down through your roots, down to the energy at the Earth’s core. Connect with that energy.

     As you breath, picture that, with every breath, you draw that energy up from the Earth and through your chakras, clearing blockages and energizing yourself as you do so.

     Continue to breath up the energy from the Earth’s core until you feel it reach your crown chakra and rise from it like a fountain.

     Reach up through your branches, up to the energy of the Heavens. Connect with that energy.

     As you breath, picture that, with every breath, you draw that energy down from the Heavens and through your chakras, clearing blockages and energizing yourself as you do so.

     Continue to breath the energy from the Heavens until it passes through all of your chakras and out of the ones in your feet.

     Continue to breath, feeling the energy of Heaven and Earth filling you, grounding you, clearing you of blockages, energizing you and stabilizing your energy.

     If you have any negative or outgrown energy, you can breath it outwards down into the Earth, setting the intention that it will be recycled and transformed into something positive for the highest good of all concerned ( Mother Earth’s powerful,and She’s the original recycler!).

     Breath until you feel grounded, cleared and in good shape. Then open your eyes!

     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *    

     If you ground negative energy into Mother Earth to be recycled, please remember to say “Thank you.”

     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *    

     This meditation/ exercise is a classic for a number of reasons.

  • It’s good for helping you ground and center:
  • If you’ve been working with a lot on energy, it’s good for regrounding you in the physical world, so you can either continue to work or do something more physical, such as drive;
  • Empaths who’ve picked up excess emotional vibrations can ground them out into the Earth this way;
  • People with excess energy of other types can ground into the Earth this way;
  • It can help to balance out folks who are either excessively grounded or not grounded enough;
  • It’s a great way to recharge if you’re feeling depleted;
  • It’s good for clearing energetic blockages;

               …and much more…

     If you have a regular practice of psychic or metaphysical development, you could do worse than to include this exercise.

     In upcoming posts, I’ll be talking about other ways to ground.

     Catch you then





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     If you’re  a psychic empath, the odds are good that you’ve got an awful lot to deal with. As an empath, you’ve been given a psychic gift, but you need a bunch of skills and techniques to make it work for you ( kinda like all of those toys that come “batteries not included” , eh?)

     We’ve already covered some of these techniques and we’ ll be covering a lot more as we go along, but that’s going to take quite awhile.

     Wanna get a jump on things?…

     Try the Fall issue of  the Door Opener, Connecticut’s  spirituality and holistic health resource guide.

      You’ll find lots of useful and interesting information in the Door Opener. In the Fall edition, you’ll find a good-sized article by me on ways to survive and thrive as an empath, including expanations of this psychic gift and  practical methods to manage it and make it work for you.

     The Door Opener can be found at many New Age shops and health food stores throughout Connecticut and also at www.anopendoor.com.

     We’ll looking at many of these techniques over time. If you want to learn them faster, the article in the Door Opener can give you that short cut.

     More good stuff on the way.


     8/18/ 09



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     (Parts one and two of this meditation may be found at the posts for 8/3/09 and 8/9/09)

     And now, we have roots of light, anchoring us to the core of the Earth…

     And now, we have branches of light, securing us to the Heavens…

     And we are suspended safely between Heaven and Earth…

     Picture a tunnel of light, a passage through the center of you that connects the chakras at the soles of your feet, the base of your spine and the crown of your head. A path where light passes freely through you.

     Your other five major chakras lie along this path. You can find them:

  • just below your navel;
  • at your solar plexus;
  • at your heart;
  • at the base of your throat; and
  • between your eyebrows, at your third eye.

      Picture these chakras as spinning vortexes, bright and vibrant, full of light and functioning perfectly.

      In our next step, we’ll be bringing in the energy of the Earth and of the Heavens.

     (Part four to follow.)





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Extracts are a basic way of turning the aromatic components of  an herb into a useable liquid.
You will need:
a non-reactive container (glass is the best)
a solvent, usually alcohol  (grain if the extract is to be taken internally; rubbing if it is to be used externally).
The herb  to be extracted.
To make:
Place the herb in the container, add the solvent,  let stand for at least a week, then strain and bottle .

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     Enjoying the posts on this blog?

     Wish you could get longer, more detailed articles on practical metaphysical living by the psychics of Foresight?

     Well, you’re in luck! You can find longer articles by Starwolf and myself in the pages of Thorn Magazine, the magazine for Paganism in the Silicon Age.

    In the current edition, you’ll find my article on how to have a great vacation… on a budget… with a pagan twist.

     Want to check out past editions?

     Issue 1 has an article by Starwolf on Wyrd Science and one by me on the practical benefits of an active, positive spiritual practice.

     Issue 2 has my detailed article on smudging with sound.

     And all three issues have lots of other interesting articles from other writers with different viewpoints as well.

     Sound like something you could use?

     Check out the site for Thorn magazine. There are free articles available on the site, as well  as access to purchase any or all of the first three issues, and the upcoming fourth.

     Thorn magazine can be found at http://thorn-magazine.com.

     Catch you there!





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     (For part one of this meditation, please see the 8/3/09 post on this blog.)

    Just as there are chakras (energy vortexes) on the soles of your feet and the base of your spine, so is there also a chakra on the crown of your head.

     Picture that chakra gently opening. Picture branches, like the branches of a tree, made of light opening out from your crown chakra, spreading gradually as they reach up into the Heavens.

     Picture those branches spiraling upwards and outwards until they connect with the stars, the moon, the celestial energy that fills the Heavens.

     Picture that connection being strong and secure, as is your connection with the Earth.

     And you are firmly and safely connected between Heaven and Earth…

     ( The third part of this meditation is on it’s way…)





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Salt is one of the oldest preservative and  purifying substances around. As you may have noticed, salt forms the base of several of the powders mentioned in my posts. So here are a couple of different kinds of salt and their metaphysical uses.
Sea salt: A small amount dissolved in a glass of water releases a weak electrostatic charge that will neutralize negative energies in a room.
Black salt: Comes from Hawaii , good for banishings and exorcisms .
Kosher salt: A coarse salt used in the process of Koshering , it makes a good base for powders and can also be used as a base for bath salts.
Other uses:
Salt poured across a doorway will stop spirits from entering.
A circle of salt block spells and spirits .





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     Psychic readings;

     Free classes;


     Children’s activities;

     Native American storytelling;


     A drum circle;

     And lotsa great picnic food that you didn’t have to cook!

     All this and more at the Circle of the Sacred Well’s 4th Annual Pagan Picnic on August 9th (Sunday) at the Ansonia Nature Center.

     Give yourself the gift of a full day’s worth of great activities spent with very nice folks for only a suggested donation of $5 per person and a dessert item for us all to share.

      Starwolf and I will be at the picnic, doing psychic readings, teaching classes (Starwolf will be teaching “Introduction to Shamanism” and I’ll be teaching “Metaphysical Dowsing”) and having a great time with this wonderful group of people.

     We hope you’ll join us there

     Want more info about the event? Click here please…

     Want to see our previous announcement? Click here  please..





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