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     I’ve been talking a lot about using energetic shields for protection under an assortment of conditions. Now I want to talk about another standard skill in metaphysics – energetic grounding.

     What’s grounding?

     Metaphysical grounding is connecting energy to the Earth, in order to increase the ability to manage the energy present and function effectively.

     In electrical circuits, you may have a third hole in a socket to hold the third prong on your electrical plug. This arrangement will drain or “ground out” excess energy, preventing harm to appliances or the electrical system.

     Metaphysical grounding works kind of like that. There are many reasons you might need to ground, but there are two that are the most likely:

     1) When you do a lot of metaphysical activity, you’ll find a point where you start to get unfocused or vague ( how much is a “lot” varies dependant on the person and the conditions prevailing…). You may get dizzy, start to slur your words or have problems making simple decisions( amongst other things)

             At this point, you’re poorly grounded. Processing more magick/ psychic/ metaphysical energy than your body is able to handle at the moment has made your energetic connection with the Earth and physical things, including your body, weaker; and interfered with your ability to function effectively in physical space.

     Grounding can strengthen that connection, enabling you to function well again,whether physically or metaphysically.

     2) Even if you have great shields, sometimes you’ll end up picking up someone else’s negative energy. For that matter, everyone has times where they generate their own negative energy ( had a bad hair day lately?)

     Negative energy can limit your ability to do things, mess with your health and attract negative experiences (since like calls to like). If you’ve got some, it’s best to get rid of it.

     Grounding is a way of getting rid of negative energy, and adding the intention that Mother Earth will recycle it into something positive can yield benefits for all.

     There are lots of different ways to ground, and we’ll be going over a bunch of these in posts to come.

     See you soon





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