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     If you’ve been working with the basic visualization for building energetic shields( Metaphysical Protection-Energetic Shields 2) , you’re probably finding that you’re getting better control over how the energy around you effects you. You have more ability to chose- chose what energy you let in and what you chose to keep outside of you.

      But what if your shields aren’t always enough?…

     In every person’s life, there are times that particularly test us- even if you have great shields…..

  • In the face of bigotry
  • In the malls at Christmastime;
  • When the one you love is really, really ticked at you;

     We all face times when the stakes are high, the energy is flowing double-time (…or triple-time, or a hundred-fold…), and our shields feel like we’ve built them out of Swiss Cheese (nice, but full of holes…).

     What to do?

     This is the point to give your shields an upgrade…

     Start with the basic shields. Set your intention ( remember how?) that the basic shields you’re building will be on at all times, unless you consciously chose to ake them down. Add a further intention that, at times that are energetically challenging, you can consciously chose to increase those shields according to your personal needs.

     What do I mean by “increase” ?  Well, you can make your shields:

  • Stronger;
  • Thicker;
  • More resilient (so negative energy bounces off and far away);
  • More powerful;
  • More energetic (up the amps);
  • More adhesive ( so negative energy gets stuck at the edge and can’t reach you;
  • Any combination of the above;
  • Or any other concept that works for you…

     In tough times, I like to mentally “flare” the energy in my shields and then push the extra energy outwards  with my mind. It makes my shields  feel stronger and more powerful, and gives me more control on what outside energy I accept.

     Once you’e got the basic shields in place, it’s good to add a “shields up!” upgrade to your routine, and get it in place as a familiar practice while times are relatively calm. This means that, when you have a need for it, you’ll have built both the upgraded shields and the habit of using them.

      And you’ll be ready for whatever Life brings you…

     There’s more good stuff coming…






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