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     In a previous post ( Metaphysical Protection-Energetic Shields) , I went over some basic parameters on why good energetic shields are a good idea and some reasons you might want to have them.

     But how do you get good energetic shields? You can’t just go to the local Best Buy and pick them up in the “energetic shields” department…

     Hence, this post. We’re going to start with a simple way to start developing  your energetic shields…

     Whenever you have a moment (or two or ten…) close your eyes and picture yourself surrounded by light. Light on the left of you and the right; light in front of you and in back; light over your head and under your feet ; so you’re surrounded completely on all sides by light.

     What color should the light be? Tradition holds that it should be white as that is the highest/purest/ best color and also contains all other colors within it.

     I say that you should chose whatever color makes you feel safest/ calmest/ best with yourself.

  • Like green? Great!
  • Want Pink? Right on!
  • If you want plaid, I’m for it!

      You can also have more than one color. My own shields tend to be white with a gold edge.

     As you visualize this light, set an intention to define what your shields will do for you.

  • Intend that you will be protected from any energy that could harm you in body, mind or spirit;
  • Intend that no energy will directly touch you unless you consciously chose to let it;
  • Intend that you will be aware of the energy surrounding you, but that it cannot effect you;
  • Intend that your shields are always protecting you unless you consciously chose to let them down;

     You get the idea.

     What would you like your shields to do?

      As you do your visualizations, you’ll find over time that you feel more protected and more able to cope with the energy that surrounds you. Once your basic shields are functioning, you can tweak your visualizations and/or your intent to fine-tune your shields to best meet your unique needs.

     That’s it for now- more info on protection will be coming in future posts.

     If you’ve got questions, reach me at we_are_foresight@yahoo.com





PS Need to catch up on setting intentions? Try “And the Word for the Day is Intention” , “Setting an Intention” ,  and “Intentions 3-the Power of Intention in Everyday Living”.

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