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     In a previous post (Metaphysical Protection-An Overview), we examined the issue of metaphysical protection- do you need it?/ how much?/what kind?/ and more. Now let’s take a look at a basic way of protecting yourself.

     When you’re dealing with metaphysical protection, we need to start with the energetic system of the body. We’re all surrounded by a series of layers of personal energy, collectively known as an aura. When negative energy or things come into our auras, they can cause negative experiences for us, such as illness, accident, fear, energetic drain or other things that most people would rather not go through. As the negative energies pass through the layers of our aura, the closer they come to our bodies, the stronger the effect they have on us.

     Furthermore, if you’re repeatedly or habitually exposed to such negative energies long term, they can “take up residence” in your aura, having a cumulatative effect.

      Did your mother ever say “If you hold that face long enough, it’ll stick that way?” Mine did. And negative energy can act that way.

  • If you hang out with people who are habitually cruel;
  • If you live in a place with chronically toxic energy and don’t clear that energy;
  • If you’re an empath surrounded by drama queens;

               And so forth….

 you can develop a case of chronic negative energy and chronic problems to go with it.

      If you’re caught in a pattern of chronic exposure to negative energy, this is where some of the potions and other remedies noted in this blog  (such as crystals) can come in handy.

     But you’ll still need good energetic shields…    

     Whether you’re dealing with empathic overload, psychic vampires, metaphysical attack or a toxic environment, one of your primary defenses is good energetic shields. Good shields will surround your energetic field, keeping out things that could harm you. Picture them as being kind of like a science fiction-type force field ( “…Shields up!…”).

     In my next post on protection, I’ll give you a basic technique for developing energetic shields.

     Until then





     PS Need some info on clearing negative energy? Try:

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