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     Do you need metaphysical protection? Why? Against what? How much?…

     Just like in regular life, how much protection you need is largely shaped by the nature of the world around you. In the regular world, if you chose to visit more edgy places, you may need increased regular protection ( a police whistle; martial arts skills; a big dog ; a bigger boyfriend…).

     Also in regular life, if you’re going edgy places and acting like you’re expecting to be mugged or acting like you expect people to be unfriendly, you’re increasing the odds that what you’re calling to will likely happen.

     This is partly body language/ attitude/etc but partially energetic.

     In the metaphysical world, there are also good neighborhoods and bad ones; and good folks and not-so-good ones.

     If you tend to hang in the edgier parts of Mystery, your risk is greater. Likewise, if you’re putting out energy that the Universe is a contantly dangerous place or that “things” are out to get you, you do tend to shape reality so it’s more likely such things will happen.

     The Law of Attraction says that what we focus on, we tend to get. Look for the storm clouds, you tend to get wet. Look for the silver lining, you tend to get sunnier weather…

     From my observations, that tends to be true. I have friends who are cock-eyed optimists and cranky pessimists and everything in between. When I started paying attention, I noticed that the optimists did seem to have a higher incidence of positive serendipity and handled such temporary dips as befell with style and panache. The pessimists actually had more “freak” accidents and pratfalls. Statisically, it looked like personal expectations had a causative effect…

     Interesting, that.

     Now there are some folks who’ll say this means that everything in your life (warts, true love, headcheese, lottery wins) is there because you chose it and drew it there.

     I don’t go that far. But I do think your expectations and intentions about the world can stack the deck for or against you, and I’d rather tip the odds in my favor….

     Now, how does that lead into metaphysical protection? Just this- that your intention can shape the kind of world you find yourself in, and therefore , how much protection you need..

     (Here she goes with intention again!…)

     I don’t believe that, if you believe it’s “an always Friendly Universe!…” , you’ll never run into trouble.

     I do believe that, if you believe it’s a mostly friendly Universe, but there’s sometimes a spot of trouble (so you take prudent precautions), you’ll draw less predators and bullies, attract less problems and challenges, and have a smoother ride overall on the highway of life.

     And I do believe that, if you go looking for trouble, you’re more likely to find it…

     So before setting up psychic alarms, energetic shields, totemic watchdogs, or metaphysical defense sytems, I’d say the first step is to set a good intent:

  • Intend that you’ll put out good energy and see good energy returned;
  • Intend that the places you go and the folks you approach will be positive, friendly, supportive and safe for you;
  • Intend that you’ll make wise choices that give you great results;
  • Intend that you’ll be prepared for problems but not go looking for them;
  • Intend that divine protection is there for you when you ask;
  • Intend that you are given what you need to walk humbly and safely in the Mystery:…

     You get the idea…

     After your intention’s set, you can add other protections as and if you need it.

     But a good intention of protection is a great foundation to build on.

     There’ll be more posts on protection in the future.




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