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     Starwolf and I were working at a weekend Renn faire where the weather was (to put it kindly) mucky. Two and a half hours before closing on Saturday, the skies opened, the rain came down as if from a firehose and we swopped our plans to camp on grounds that evening for a l-o-n-g drive home, where we could sleep in a dry bed rather than in a metal-framed tent amidst lightning strikes.

     Whilst home, we checked the weather and found that thunderstorms were expected for most of the day Sunday.

      Ugh! Bad for patrons having fun, bad for us doing readings plus the dubious joys of packing away a wet tent in a sea of mud.

     So we decided to try to do something about it…

     Now, first let me caution folks that meddling with the weather can be tricky business to do well.

  • Nothing but sunny days can mean the plants dry up and blow away.
  • A heavy hand with rain can mean flooding and freak storms.
  • There are cycles of weather for a reason.

     So working with weather requires a delicate touch- not so much to alter reality in toto but rather to adjust it discretely. To eliminate weather cycles messes with the environment, but storms speed up and slow down all the times, so applying a controlled tweaking to adjust that schedule by delaying rain for a few hours can be viable, as long as you’ve got the fine control…

     Having given you the caution that weather work should be approached cautiously…

     As we drove back, I did some cautious manifestation energywork that we would have good weather and be able to break the tent down dry. Onsite, Starwolf told people that the weather was supposed to be beautiful all day long.

     And the weather stayed beautifully dry (although cloudy).

     What’s up with that?

  • Did my energywork manifest a dry day?
  • Did Starwolf get enough people believing the weather would be good to shape reality?
  • Did the weatherman’s expertise (usually excellant) fall apart on this particular day?
  • Did something else altogether I haven’t thought of result in dry weather?
  • Was it just a co-incidence?
  • Or was it a combination of two or more of the above?

     You can opt out with co-incidence, but the odds were so against dry weather that day that it’s an unlikely and unscientific call. Which leaves us with the interesting phenomenom that energy and belief seem to have the ability to shape physical reality..,

      An absolute answer here would be useful, but I also find it useful and fascinating to sit here and contemplate the possibilities…

     What do you think?





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