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     After writing the May 26th post on “Starting Scrying” , I heard how a friend of mine was using a rather unusual object to scry in. As noted previously, you use a shiny or reflective object to gaze into when you scry in order to see images that will give you information or answer questions that you have. Some standard tools for scrying include a crystal ball, a polished piece of stone, or a darkly colored mirror.

     My friend has been using a turned-off computer monitor for scrying.

     This makes a lot of sense.  The surface is dark and reflective, thus being conducive for seeing visions with the mind’s eye. It’s easily available. And as I understand it, her philosophy is that we’re already conditioned to look for answers on that computer monitor, so our unconscious mind is already expecting to get results.

     I think this is brilliant. I’m already much in favor of doing magick with common household implements and this seems like a great combination of belief, technique and “using what ya got”. I’m going to have to try this one myself.

     Have you scried? What do you like to use for scrying?

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