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Want  a palm, tarot, I Ching, intuitive or dowsing reading by the psychics of Foresight?

Want to take some F-R-E-E classes from Starwolf, Catherine and some other interesting people?

Want to hang out in the summer sun, play games, meet some really nice people and broaden your horizons a bit?

Well, here’s your chance.

You can catch Starwolf and Catherine  at the Fourth Annual Pagan Picnic, hosted by the Circle of the Sacred Well at the Ansonia Nature Center on August 9th from 10-5. The day includes workshops, games, kids activities, a drum circle and a whole lot more. As past participants, we can attest to the fact that this is a fun event run by good folks, and well worth attending.

For those interested in classes, Catherine will be teaching  “Metaphysical Dowsing” and Starwolf will be teaching “Introduction to Shamanism”. Check out the links below  for the other interesting classes and talented teachers for the day.

The Circle of the Sacred Well will be providing picnic style food – you’re encouraged to bring a dessert to share.

Suggested donation for the event is $5 / person with children under 12 free ( a bargain for a full day of activity!)

Want to know more about the event? Please click here

Want to know more about the Circle of the Sacred Well? Please click here

Hope to see you there.





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     Wasn’t planning to do a series on magickally interacting with the weather, but evidently the Universe had other ideas…

     Starwolf and I were driving to a party and the rain began to pour down heavily as we approached our destination.

     “Wouldn’t it be nice if the rain would slack off?” he said.

     And suddenly, it dropped to a gentle shower…

     I looked at him. He looked at me. One eyebrow apiece shot up and locked in the “isn’t that interesting?…” position.

     “Did you see what I saw?” I said.

     “Yes, I wished the rain would slack off and it did…” he replied.

     ” Wouldn’t it be nice if the rain would stop until we got inside? ” I said.

     And the rain stopped…

     Only to start coming down in torrents after we got in the house (sorry, friends who arrived after us…)

     And we found that making further polite requests for good driving weather was having similar results on our way home…


     Now, what do you think happened?

  • Are Starwolf and I all-powerful when it comes to weather (not the case- we’ve been rained on too many times to make this viable.) ?
  • was it just co-incidental weather ( worth considering-it’s New England) ?
  • Was the particular area especially responsive to energy and requests?
  • Did we achieve the right balance of detatchment and desire to put our heads in the right place to make things happen?
  • Were we on candid camera?
  • Or did something else happen?

     What do you think?

       Many people don’t realize we’re living in a magickal world because they don’t notice this sort of thing, or aren’t open to the possibility of considering whether such things are happening. I think it’s interesting to look at experiences like this and see what we can learn from them.

     So what’s your theory?

     More weather coming…






PS Missed the first experiment with weather? Please click here

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This one is called 4 Thieves Vinegar.
you will need:
Lavender flowers.
Vinegar, any kind will do. I favor Cider vinegar.
a  jug or bottle .

Place the ingredents in the jug , let sit for at least
10 days.
Every day shake the jug saying

“Evil may come,

But it will not stay.

 My 4 Thieves Vinegar

 will drive evil away.”

this can be used as a spray or floor wash to remove negative influnces.

 Or, it can also be used with olive oil as a salad dressing.





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Here are a few burnables that can help “clear
the air”,  metaphysically speaking.
Sage: This is an all purpose negative energy disperser.
Rosemary: Good for ghosts and the other spiritforms.
Thyme: Serves the same purpose as sage, but useful around people allergic to sage.




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     Starwolf and I were working at a weekend Renn faire where the weather was (to put it kindly) mucky. Two and a half hours before closing on Saturday, the skies opened, the rain came down as if from a firehose and we swopped our plans to camp on grounds that evening for a l-o-n-g drive home, where we could sleep in a dry bed rather than in a metal-framed tent amidst lightning strikes.

     Whilst home, we checked the weather and found that thunderstorms were expected for most of the day Sunday.

      Ugh! Bad for patrons having fun, bad for us doing readings plus the dubious joys of packing away a wet tent in a sea of mud.

     So we decided to try to do something about it…

     Now, first let me caution folks that meddling with the weather can be tricky business to do well.

  • Nothing but sunny days can mean the plants dry up and blow away.
  • A heavy hand with rain can mean flooding and freak storms.
  • There are cycles of weather for a reason.

     So working with weather requires a delicate touch- not so much to alter reality in toto but rather to adjust it discretely. To eliminate weather cycles messes with the environment, but storms speed up and slow down all the times, so applying a controlled tweaking to adjust that schedule by delaying rain for a few hours can be viable, as long as you’ve got the fine control…

     Having given you the caution that weather work should be approached cautiously…

     As we drove back, I did some cautious manifestation energywork that we would have good weather and be able to break the tent down dry. Onsite, Starwolf told people that the weather was supposed to be beautiful all day long.

     And the weather stayed beautifully dry (although cloudy).

     What’s up with that?

  • Did my energywork manifest a dry day?
  • Did Starwolf get enough people believing the weather would be good to shape reality?
  • Did the weatherman’s expertise (usually excellant) fall apart on this particular day?
  • Did something else altogether I haven’t thought of result in dry weather?
  • Was it just a co-incidence?
  • Or was it a combination of two or more of the above?

     You can opt out with co-incidence, but the odds were so against dry weather that day that it’s an unlikely and unscientific call. Which leaves us with the interesting phenomenom that energy and belief seem to have the ability to shape physical reality..,

      An absolute answer here would be useful, but I also find it useful and fascinating to sit here and contemplate the possibilities…

     What do you think?





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     Yes, that’s right- Connecticut has a new Renaissance Faire, the Midsummer Magick Renaissance Faire, and Foresight will be there to address all of your psychic readings needs.

     July 18, 19, 25, 26, August 1, 2, 2009 is the time and Oxford, Connecticut is the place for magick, Merlin and lots of good medieval fun.

    Want to get a palm, tarot, I Ching or intuitive reading?

     Want to see us in person in our colorful historic costumes?

     Want to go back in time, have adventures, encounter magick?

     Then come see us out standing in someone else’s field (and reading for you with our customary concern for your unique needs) at Midsummer Magick Faire (for more faire information, please click here).





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     So far, we’ve talked about intention as part of metaphysical practices such as prayer, spellcraft or energywork. Did you know you can also combine intention with everyday tasks -and that, by doing so, you can turn those chores into energywork as well?

     For instance, doing the dishes can just be part of kitchen maintenance. On the other hand, if you first set an intention that, as you wash those dishes you’ll also be clearing away dysfunctional beliefs, you may find yourself surprised at how much more clearly you’re seeing your current challenges by the time the last dish hits the drainer.

     Cleaning out a closet is a necessary evil. Setting an intention that, as you purge old clothes that no longer fit, you also make room for better things in your life can really open the way for attracting those better things.

     Just as setting an intention in metaphysical work helps to draw, shape and target energy to achieve a goal, combining a mundane task with a greater intention can also channel energy towards better things. It’s kind of multi-tasking on multiple planes.

     “After enlightenment, the laundry..” is one of my favorite sayings. It bears witness to the fact that, even if  we’re working with energy and enlightenment, we still need to ground that work to earth – earth and heaven coming together. It’s also fun to flip that concept on it’s head and link that earthly task with more esoteric energy…

     So what are your intentions for the day?…





PS Missed the earlier info on intention? Check out “The Word for the Day is Intention” on June 5 and “Setting an Intention” on June 15

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     In the June 5th post (And the Word for the Day is “Intention”… ), we looked at the definition of what an intention is and why you might want to set an intention in spiritual or metaphysical practices such as meditation, energywork, spellcraft or focused prayer.

     You set an intention….

     But how do you go about  “setting an intention”?…

     There’s lots of forms and methods of setting intentions but at the heart of them all are three simple steps.

  • You decide what you’re trying to accomplish…
  • You state what you’re planning to accomplish before you start working with energy..
  • And you keep what you’re trying to accomplish firmly in mind while you work with the energy…

     (Notice how the act of setting an intention in metaphysics has a lot in common with good practices for accomplishing any goal in non-metaphysical life…)

     Let’s take a closer look at these steps.

     Decide- If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there. Before you do any kind of energywork, it’s a really good idea to be very clear on what you want ( for example, if offered 3 wishes, many people would wish for fabulous wealth, when what they actually wanted was the freedom they thought money would bring them). Clear goals help to aim the energy you work with towards your objective.

     State Your Intention- You can say it out loud or in your head. You can write it in a special book. You can proclaim it to the people you’re doing energywork with, or whisper it to the wind. There’s lots of ways to state your intention, but the act of stating it starts the pricess of attraction.

     Keep Your Intention in Mind- The act of deciding set a target for your energy.The act of stating caused the energy to move in that direction. And the act of focusing on your intention while you pray, chant or otherwise raise energy serves to send all that you attract or create to the objective you chose.

     There’s still more good intentions to come…




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This one is a powder rather than a liquid.

You will need:
powdered Iron.
Garlic Powder.

To make, grind the ingredients togther in a
mortar until a uniform color. Store in a 
moisture-tight container.

To use : simply sprinkle or toss into an area
of negative energy.





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My next recipe is for an extract for dealing  with
spirits and ghosts.
You will need:
rubbing alcohol
a bottle

To make:
place the rosemary and alcohol in the  bottle
and let steep untill the mixture turns green .
allow to sit for 2-3 weeks .

to use:
put in a spray bottle and spritz where needed.



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