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Coronal Mass Ejection

On Fri night through Sat morning the Earth received a near miss, a cosmic love ta p as it were, from a mass of ionized gas a.k.a. plasma ejected from the Sun. The most obvious physical effects were that the Aurora Borealis was visible MUCH further south than normal. For those of us that are more “sensitive” to energies there have been things ranging from a vague jittery feeling to outright flu like symptoms. This was a 4.1 CME in the 1850’s a CME of 61 was experienced. It blew telegraph lines ,started fires and generally caused havoc. What it did in the spiritual community was not recorded.

Until next week.

Starwolf 09/14/2014

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Hamburgers can be a problem to cook. Too short a cooking time and you have burgers that are semi-raw inside, a potential health problem. Too long a cooking time and you have shriveled hockey pucks. How I have managed to get burgers that are both well done and still moist is through a combination of poaching and pan frying. First you briefly fry the patties so that they are browned on both sides. Next you put 2 cups of cold water into the pan and let to water and the burgers come to a boil. Let the pan boil dry, flip the burgers , and add 2 more cups of water. When the pan has boiled dry a second time the burgers will be done through ,and still moist. If you wish you can then deglaze the pan with beef broth and wine to make what is called a “pan sauce” for the burgers along with some mushrooms and a bit of butter.

Till next week,

Starwolf 09/07/2014

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Went to Salem Ma. yesterday, walked around , saw friends ,shopped and generally played tourist in the (Witches Disney Land). As is our wont we went to the Memorial for the victims of the 1692 hysteria. Someone had left flowers on each of the memorial benches. I added my own tribute to Giles Corey ,a shot of rum for the man who went  to his Lord both innocent AND defiant.
Till next week.
Starwolf 06/15/2014

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Spent the day doing Tarot and Rune readings. For some people getting a reading is just one of the things they do at a Faire , a bit of fun . For others it is to provide confirmation for something they already know but want a second  opinion , like going to a second Dr. after getting a dianosis . Then there are the ones looking for hope,the ones who need reasurence that all is not lost. Those are the ones that make doing readings worthwhile .
Till next week.
Starwolf 06/01/2014

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Thank You

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. I would like to remind you that it is to honor those Soldiers , Sailors , Marines and Airforce personel who have fallen defending this Nation.  You have my Thanks and will be in my Memory , tomorrow and always.
Starwolf  05/25/2015

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Shankara Stones

Watching Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom got me to thinking about the shankara stones. Shankar is the Wild Man of the Woods in Hindu lore ,an Avtatar ,or form,of  Shiva the Lord of Destruction , Enlightenment , asceticisim and extascy .This would make the Shankara stones Shiva Lingams .  These are pieces of  micro-crystaline quartz that have been smoothed by the action of  Indias sacred rivers as they wash down from the mountains .  Very energetic stones.
Untill next week
Starwolf 05/11/2014

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